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Traveler to a malaria risk area? Consult your health-care provider for malaria prevention drugs.
Physician needing advice on a malaria case? Call the malaria hotline at 770-488-7788.
Go to CDC Malaria Homepage for information on how to prevent malaria.

FAQ Malaria Map Application

  1. In some countries, malaria is said to exist in "rural" areas. How would one know if an area is rural or urban?

  2. What constitutes an urban area can vary by country. In general, urbanization can be said to involve both population size and economic development of an area in which there is concentrated commercial activity, such as manufacturing, the sale of goods and services, and transportation. Rural areas tend to have less commercial activity, less population density, more green space, and agriculture may be a main feature.

  3. Which resorts in coastal malarious areas of Mexico are considered to have no known malaria risk?

  4. Resorts which are located in malarious areas along the Pacific and Gulf Coasts of Mexico can vary from open-air to closed well-screened or air conditioned facilities. In general, a traveler staying in a screened or air conditioned accommodation is at lower risk for contracting malaria than a traveler staying in an open-air facility. Additionally, the risk for malaria infection may increase if the traveler ventures away from the immediate grounds of their resort to visit rural areas, especially between dusk and dawn.

  5. Is it possible to know the risk for malaria infection for a person who only transits areas where malaria is being transmitted?

  6. CDC receives information from many different sources about the parts of the world where malaria transmission occurs. For some countries there is detailed information, and for others there is considerably less detail. If someone traveled between two areas where there is no malaria transmission (non-endemic) through areas where malaria occurs, CDC is unable to calculate a probability of infection for that individual traveler.

  7. Is there a hard copy of this map available for printing?

  8. The worldwide malaria map application is only available on line.